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    Blood in the Breeze by alicexz

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    This family is so beautiful

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    Anna Lopez

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    by daryl mandryk

    Exotique 3: The World’s Most Beautiful CG Characters

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    Decolonize at E. 12th and 16th St. Oakland, CA.

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    Marvel Cinematic Universe 2014-2018:

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Avengers: Age of Ultron
    Doctor Strange
    Thor III: Ragnarok
    Black Panther
    Captain America III: Reborn
    The Invincible Iron Man (Iron Man IV)
    Avengers III

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    Don’t Lose Your Way - Kill La Kill

    Totally digging the soundtracks in Kill La Kill, everything is so epic

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    Happy Earth Day

    It’s like we’re dancing! The waltz of Terra Luna …

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What’s your favorite anime?


    What’s your favorite anime?

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